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Other investigations

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Document surveys

We are investigating suspected forgeries of documents (eg wills, receipts, signatures on various documents). We also investigate counterfeit banknotes and other documents where you suspect that you have manipulated or changed something or simply made your own handwriting examinations, but in the case of documents where it is suspected that the signature is forged, handwriting forensics is referred.



We at Evidenz carry out analyzes of police investigations & analyzes of forensic protocols.

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Calle Winskog is fun. physician and professor of forensic medicine. He has previously worked as a coroner at the forensic medicine department in Linköping and on the West Indian islands of Barbados and Dominica. He has also had assignments for the international police organization Interpol. Coroners are, among other things, specialists in different types of injuries and how they occurred. Their experience and knowledge are usually used by the police and prosecutor's office in investigations of mainly serious crimes where injuries or violence against/or between people have occurred.


Theft marking

We tag tools, machines, scaffolding, roofs, etc. for theft. to the building & construction industry. In addition to this theft, we also tag boats. In addition to engraving, the anti-theft tag consists of a number of microscopic "dots" that contain Securmark's unique ID code. Thousands of these micromarks are mixed into a UV-reflective clear coat and applied to various places in the boat. These marks are invisible unless you illuminate them with UV light. Only one mark is required to be able to identify the boat and thus determine its rightful owner. It is practically impossible to wipe out all marks. Labeling that stays forever.

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Other investigations

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